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If you are in a financial crisis and urgently need money, submit your application today to Loans Now. We specialize in providing loans to people who have bad credit, or no credit.

It is completely free to apply, and you will receive a quick decision on whether or not you are accepted.

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We Offer Payday Loans
Every day we match hundreds of loans to people who apply through our site. The process is easy and managed completely online from the comfort of your own home.

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Short Term Loans

Borrow Money on an Instalment Basis
Payday loans can either have one repayment date, where the principle and interest are paid, or it can be handled over time in easy-to-pay instalments.

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We are serious about providing excellent service.
Our entire process is handled online. This lets us streamline our operation and make it far more convenient for people to get their payday loan from sitting at home, comfortable.